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Semi Automatic Cap Sealer

A Semi Automatic Induction Cap Sealer is a machine used in the packaging industry to seal caps onto bottles, jars, or other containers using induction sealing technology. The induction sealing process involves applying a cap with an aluminum foil liner to the container, and then using an electromagnetic field to heat and seal the liner onto the container.

The Semi Automatic Induction Cap Sealer is designed for smaller production runs, with the sealing process partially automated. The operator manually places the cap onto the container, and then positions the container under the sealing head. The machine then applies the electromagnetic field and pressure to seal the liner onto the container.

Induction Cap Sealer
Semi Automatic Induction Cap Sealer
(Eltech S-500)
Induction Cap Sealer
Semi Automatic Induction Cap Sealer
(Eltech S-500)

Eltech S-500,Semi-Automatic Induction Cap Sealer is specifically designed for packagers who require a semi-automatic sealing process with low production volumes. The table top model is compact and ideal for production environments where a bottle conveyor is not practically necessary. Built-in guides ensure operators properly line-up containers for sealing. A digital timer lets the operator know when the sealing process is completed. This model is suitable for batch type production and can be used continuously for 24hrs x 365 days. Ideal for laboratory use, stability testing, R & D facilities, short runs test marketing.

  • Versatility:The machine can handle a variety of container sizes and shapes, with adjustable settings to accommodate different caps and liners.
  • Consistent sealing quality:The semi-automated process ensures consistent sealing quality for each container, reducing the risk of leaks or other defects.
  • Easy to use:The machine is designed for ease of use, with user-friendly controls and minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Improved product integrity:The induction sealing process helps to maintain the integrity and freshness of the product, reducing the risk of contamination or spoilage.
  • Cost-effective:The Semi Automatic Induction Cap Sealer is typically less expensive than a fully automatic machine, making it a cost-effective solution for smaller production runs.
  • Advanced Mosfet / IGBT technology Delivers high efficiency sealing power and long term reliability.
  • Sealing time in 1/10 second increments.
  • Compact in size.
  • Handle provides portability with skid-free non-marring feet for use anywhere.
  • Automatic photoelectric switch under sealing head eliminates the need for finger switches to start sealing cycle.
  • "V" stop centering guide for assurance of bottle being under sealing head.
  • No tools are required for adjustment or set-up.
  • It requires no water and is 100 % air cooled.
  • It is silent and has no discharge.
  • Digital UP/Down timer: Provides precise timing from 0.1 to 9.9 seconds.
  • Can seal PET / HDPE / PP / LDPE / PVC / GLASS containers.

Overall, the Semi Automatic Induction Cap Sealer is a valuable tool for the packaging industry, offering versatility, consistent sealing quality, ease of use, and improved product integrity. It is a cost-effective solution for sealing caps onto bottles, jars, or other containers for smaller production runs.

  • User friendly
  • Continuous use, rugged built ensures long serving life
  • Fast and easy set up, no moving parts
  • Light weight design ensure easy mobility
  • Safe, reliable and compact

Semi Automatic Induction Cap Sealer in Mumbai, India

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