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Corona Treater for Round Bottles

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Corona Treater for Round Bottles
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Corona treaters can also be used for round bottles in the packaging industry to improve adhesion of ink or labels to the surface of the bottle. The process involves passing the bottles through a corona discharge generated by an electrode or an electrodeless system.

To use a Corona treater for round bottles, the bottles are typically fed onto a conveyor belt or spindle system that rotates the bottles as they pass through the treater. The electrode or electrodeless system is positioned close to the surface of the bottle, creating a corona discharge that modifies the surface of the bottle. This helps to improve the surface energy of the bottle, which enhances the adhesion of ink or labels to the surface.

There are different types of Corona treaters that can be used for round bottles, including handheld units, standalone machines, and inline systems. The choice of treater will depend on the production requirements, the size and shape of the bottles, and the type of ink or label being applied.

It is important to note that the Corona treating process for round bottles can also have safety risks associated with it. The bottles need to be handled properly, and safety measures must be taken to prevent damage to the bottles or injury to operators. Therefore, it is important that the equipment is operated only by trained professionals who understand the safety requirements and protocols involved.

We are offering a precision- engineered collection of Round Bottle Treatment in Corona Treater and these machines are popular amongst our clients for durability and high efficiency. Utilizing corona treatment, we set new standard for surface treatment technology and it is possible to corona treat PET, PP, PE cylindrical containers in printing, labeling, molding and filling production line.

Different models are available 0.5 HP, 1 HP, 2HP, 3HP

Corona Treater for Round Bottles in Mumbai, India

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