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Surface Resistivity Meter

This is a wide-range, battery operated, portable instrument for measuring Surface Resistivity of a surface or Resistance between 2 points. In the Electronics industry, products such as packaging materials, component storage bags and trays, work bench surfaces, table and floor mats, etc., have resistance values which need to conform to stringent specifications and fall within specified limits. The material characteristics - Conductive, Dissipative and Insulative are also displayed.

A Surface Resistivity Meter is a device used to measure the surface resistivity of materials. It is a tool used to assess the electrical conductivity of a material by measuring the resistance of its surface.

Surface resistivity is a measure of how easily an electric charge can flow across the surface of a material. It is often used to evaluate the electrical properties of materials used in electronics, manufacturing, and other industries where static charges can cause problems.

A Surface Resistivity Meter works by placing a set of electrodes on the surface of the material being tested and applying a known voltage between them. The meter then measures the current that flows through the material and calculates the surface resistivity.

Surface Resistivity Meters come in different types and designs, with some offering additional features like temperature and humidity measurement, data logging, and automatic calculation of surface resistivity values. They are commonly used in quality control and research and development applications to ensure that materials meet the required electrical specifications for their intended use.

Surface Resistivity Meter
Eltech 06
Surface Resisitivity Meter
  • Surface-to-ground measurement
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Measurement and Data Hold function
  • All indicated on a large backlit LCD display

Surface Resistivity Meter in Mumbai, India

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