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H.V. Cables for Corona Treater

High voltage (H.V.) cables are an essential component of a corona treater system. These cables are designed to deliver the high voltage electrical energy required to generate the corona discharge necessary for the treatment process.

Corona treaters typically use cables that are made of a high-quality insulating material, such as silicone rubber or cross-linked polyethylene, which provides excellent electrical insulation and resistance to high temperatures. The cables are also designed to be flexible and durable, allowing them to withstand the repeated bending and movement required during the operation of the corona treater.

The selection of the appropriate cable for a corona treater system depends on several factors, including the required voltage and current levels, the length of the cable, and the environmental conditions of the application. It is important to choose the right cable to ensure safe and reliable operation of the corona treater.

Regular maintenance and inspection of the H.V. cables is crucial to ensure their optimal performance and to prevent any potential failures or malfunctions that could lead to downtime or damage to the equipment.

Corona Treaters have high voltage & high frequency, generally silicone cables which can withstand high voltage approximately 30-40 KV are used for these systems. Silicone wires for Corona Treaters are long lasting, resistance to high temperatures & electrically insulated with good dielectric strength. Even under severe stress including mechanical strain, moisture, corona, chemical, or high temperature conditions, there is no cracking of the insulation.

HV Cable for Corona Treater
H.V. Silicone Cables for Corona Treater
HV Cable for Corona Treater
H.V. Cables for Corona Treater

H.V. Cables for Corona Treater In Mumbai, India

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