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Ceramic Electrode for Corona Treater

A ceramic electrode is a common type of electrode used in corona treater systems to generate the corona discharge required for the treatment process. Corona treating is a method of increasing the surface energy of plastic films, metals, and other materials by exposing them to a high-voltage, low-current electrical discharge.

Ceramic electrodes are one of the most important advances in the art of surface treating during the last century. Ceramic electrodes make it possible to treat any substrate, even metalized films and foils. Today's unique and complex packaging alternatives incorporate metallized substrates and these products demand reliable surface treatment. Ceramic electrodes offer a remarkable increase in treating range and have become the standard for many converting applications.

Advantages :

  • It can treat both conductive and insulated material,such as metal film, laser film, aluminum foil, aluminum plating film bar-code label, metal labels.
  • Our corona station is supplied complete with square with groove patent ceramic electrode which is the successful reduction of damaging, hot streamers produced at the wed inlet and out let, allowing an increase in energy dissipation.
  • High efficiency electrode in stainless steel or ceramic for most printing and lamination applications requiring refreshment of pre-treated substrates or post-treatment of untreated substrates.
  • Our company ceramic electrodes are from German with good and safe quality. It is the best parts choice for corona machine .Uniform discharge, saving electricity. We have a large numbers of stock, the length will be made in accordance with the customer requirements.
Ceramic Electrode for Corona Treater
Square Ceramic Electrode for Corona Treater
Ceramic electrodes
Circular Ceramic Electrode for Corona Treater

Ceramic Electrode for Corona Treater In Mumbai, India

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