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Hand Held Induction Cap Sealer (Eltech H-500)

Induction Cap Sealer
Hand Held Induction Cap Sealer
(Eltech H-500)
Induction Cap Sealer
Hand Held Induction Cap Sealer
(Eltech H-500)

Eltech offers superior quality manual induction cap sealing machine for low or high speed cap sealing applications. Our model Eltech H-500 cap sealing system is designed for hand held cap sealing in lower production applications or in R & D laboratories. Hand held induction sealer is a highly affordable and productive sealer available with us.

It is plug the system into a standard electric power outlet and it is ready to operate. Set the timer to the number of seconds the container requires for a strong and perfect seal. To seal, simply place the sealing head on the container's cap and press the button on the handle of the sealing head. The timer counts down to zero as power is applied into the cap to form the seal. Check the first few containers for seal quality. Adjust timer accordingly and time until a firm, but not scorched, seal is achieved. Once the correct settings are reached, seals will be secure and consistent.

H-500 sealer is highly suitable for keeping your product hermetically sealed, tamper evident, maintain fresh, free from oxidation and contamination, sealed for consumer confidence, leak and evaporation resistant.

  • Hand held induction sealers can seal foil caps upto 4 to 6 caps per minute.
  • Advanced Mosfet / IGBT technology circuitry ensures better control of the sealing process.
  • Caps with diameters from 20 mm to 90 mm and 20 mm to 120 mm can be sealed.
  • No tools are required for adjustment or set up.
  • Requires no water, 100 % air cooled, silent and has no discharge.
  • Can seal PET / HDPE / PP / LDPE / PVC / Glass container.
  • Digital timer, which ensures accurate recording of time and optimum sealing.
  • User friendly
  • Continuous use, rugged built ensures long serving life
  • Fast and easy set up
  • Light weight design ensure easy mobility
  • Safe, reliable and compact

Hand Held Induction Cap Sealer in Mumbai, India

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