Ionizing Air Gun

Ionizing Air Gun

Antistatic air gun or Ionizing gun is the ideal technique of removing static, contaminants and dust from three dimensional parts before assembling, packaging, painting or finishing.The ion air nozzel neutralizes the static electricity and cleans at distances up to 2 feet. When ordinary compressed air is used to remove dust and air nozzel for cleaning purpose, its efficiency gets reduced. In case the static charge, which holds the dust to the product is not neutralized, both the the product and the dust will remain statically charged and capable of re-contamination.

How Ionizing Air Gun Works :

Ionizing air gun consists of a trigger and an ionisation head engineered into the finger guard. When the trigger is pulled air travels at high speed from the Static Elimiator Gun, picking up the ionised air produced by the ionisation head. The ionised air is blown at high speed towards the object. The ionisation kills the static electricity, allowing the dust to be blown off. The object will be static-free and unable to re-attract dust.

Model No el-IAG-315
Working Pressure 2 – 4 bar
Air connection 1/4 BSP
Air consumption At 3 bar > 190 litre/min
At 5 bar > 250 litre/min
Weight 0.6 Kg
The gun is powered with 331 power unit
For air flow, the air must be clean and dry
  • Three dimensional plastic parts
  • Cleaning moulded parts
  • Photo finishing
  • Lens cleaning
  • Package cleaning
  • Container Neutralization
  • Automobile bodies
  • Electronic assemblies
  • Furniture finishing

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