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Plasma Treatment For Rubbers Industry

Plasma surface treatment is a technique that can be used on rubber materials to modify their surface properties. Rubber materials are commonly used in a variety of applications, including automotive, aerospace, and medical devices. However, the surface of rubber materials can be difficult to bond or adhere to, which can limit their functionality.

Plasma surface treatment involves exposing the rubber material to a low-pressure plasma. The plasma generates a range of reactive species that can modify the surface chemistry of the rubber. This modification can improve the surface energy and wettability of the rubber, making it more receptive to bonding agents and adhesives.

Plasma surface treatment can be used on a variety of rubber materials, including natural rubber, silicone rubber, and EPDM rubber. The treatment can be used to improve adhesion of coatings, paints, and other surface treatments. Additionally, plasma surface treatment can also be used to improve the biocompatibility of rubber materials for medical applications.

One of the advantages of plasma surface treatment is that it is a non-contact process that can be performed at ambient temperature and pressure, making it a convenient and cost-effective method for modifying rubber surfaces. Additionally, the process does not require any additional chemicals or solvents, which can be harmful to the environment.

Benefits We Bring to the Rubber Industry :


Enhance the surface activity of medical supplies using new materials in a clean, safe and environmentally friendly manner.


Plasma equipment can be directly installed on the automatic folder gluer, and processed online without affecting the existing process.


Eltech plasma treatment machines promise stable and long-term anti-leakage bonding.


Completely remove organic pollutants emanated from the injection molding process from the surface.

Overall, plasma surface treatment is a valuable technique for modifying the surface properties of rubber materials, which can improve their functionality and expand their potential applications.

Plasma Treatment For Rubbers Industry in Mumbai, India

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