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Plasma Treatment For Packaging Industry

Plasma surface treatment is a common process in the packaging industry that involves using a plasma source to modify the surface properties of packaging materials. The goal of this treatment is to improve the adhesion and wettability of packaging surfaces, making them more suitable for printing, coating, and bonding processes.

The plasma treatment process typically involves exposing the packaging material to a low-pressure plasma discharge. This plasma discharge can be generated using a variety of different techniques, including corona discharge, glow discharge, and atmospheric pressure plasma. The plasma discharge creates reactive species, such as free radicals, ions, and UV photons, that interact with the surface of the packaging material and modify its surface chemistry.

Some of the common applications of plasma surface treatment in the packaging industry include:

  • Improving the adhesion of printing inks and coatings to packaging materials, such as plastic films, metal foils, and paperboard.
  • Enhancing the bonding strength of adhesive tapes and labels to packaging materials.
  • Increasing the barrier properties of packaging materials, such as improving their resistance to moisture, oxygen, and other gases.
  • Reducing the surface energy of packaging materials to prevent static charge buildup and improve their anti-blocking properties.
  • Overall, plasma surface treatment is a versatile and effective process for modifying the surface properties of packaging materials. It can help improve the performance and functionality of packaging materials, while also reducing waste and improving production efficiency.
Benefits We Bring to the Packaging Industry :


With the plasma treatment technology, the glue can be more adhesive, which helps reduce the defective rate in the customer's production process.


Water-based adhesives can be applied to reduce the use of glue and to effectively reduce production costs.


Plasma plasma machines can be integrated into the existing assembly line for packaging gluing.



Completely remove organic pollutants emanated from the injection molding process from the surface.Plasma replaces the method of mechanical polishing, directly eliminating the pollution caused by the paper powder and paper wool from the production environment.

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Plasma Treatment For Packaging Industry in Mumbai, India

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