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Plasma Treatment For Contact Lens & Optics Industry

Plasma treatment is widely used in the optics industry for various purposes such as cleaning, activation, etching, and deposition of thin films on optical components.

Some of the common applications of plasma treatment in the optics industry are:


Plasma treatment can effectively clean the surface of optical components such as lenses, mirrors, and prisms. The plasma discharge can remove any organic contaminants or debris from the surface, leaving a clean and smooth surface that is free from any impurities.


Plasma treatment can modify the surface chemistry of optical components, making them more receptive to subsequent coatings or adhesives. By exposing the surface to a plasma discharge, the surface energy of the material can be increased, allowing for better wetting and adhesion.


Plasma treatment can also be used to selectively remove material from the surface of optical components, allowing for precise patterning and etching of the material. This technique is commonly used for fabricating micro- and nano-scale structures on optical components.


Plasma treatment can also be used to deposit thin films of various materials onto optical components. By introducing a gas mixture into the plasma discharge, the gas molecules can be excited and ionized, leading to the deposition of a thin film on the surface of the material.

Overall, plasma treatment is a versatile and effective technique for the surface modification of optical components, offering a range of benefits such as improved cleanliness, adhesion, and functionality.

Plasma Treatment For Contact Lens & Optics Industry in Mumbai, India

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