Corona Treater for Monolayer Extruders

Eltech manufactures best quality corona treater for monolayer film plant extruder and this film is formed by mixing polypropylene or polyethylene(structural material) with vinyl-acetate or methacrylate(printable material). This forms the unitary mixture. Then the mixture is extruded and heated.

Corona Treater for Monolayer Extruders
Corona Treater for Monolayer Extruders
Ozone Extraction Blower

Application :

Treatment Size 50 mm - 900 mm
Mains supply Single Phase, 230V AC
Mains Frequency 50Hz, +/- 5%.
Speed 30 - 80 meter/minute
Output frequency 30 KHz
Output Power 0.5KW / 1KW
Corona Output Constant at same speed
No influence of supply voltage
Dynes level 38 - 48 Dynes/cm

Corona Treater For Monolayer Film Plant Extruder In Mumbai, Thane

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