Corona Treater System


Corona treatment technique is a surface modification system. This system used to optimize the adhesion properties of the material and to ensure bonding with inks, coatings, and adhesives. The surface treatment is essential for the plastic films and fabrics because the surface tension of these materials is low to permit good wetting by flexographic inks.

A high-frequency charge provides an efficient way of increasing the adhesion and wettability of a plastic surface. A surface tension of the fabric respective to inks increased by the following methods: inducing a molecular change in the surface of the films and exposing the air at the material's surface to a high voltage electrical discharge called a corona. In the corona treatment plastic film/fabric is passed from free roller through the airgap between electrode and the silicone roller.

Corona treatment is a surface treatment of profiles, treatment of cables, injection of molded parts and used in the plastic film, automotive, extrusion, and medical industries.

Main Voltage 115 or 230 VAC
Power 550 Watt
Main Frequency 50/60 Hz
Output Frequency 25 KHz
Power Consumption 600VA
Roller Coating Ceramic
Side For Treatment Single or Double
Mounting Cantilevered or Base Mounting
Electrodes Ceramic
Line Speed 1 - 400 m/min
Treatment width, roller width, mounting and pullout as per request.
  • Extrusion and lamination coating plant for paper industry
  • Lamination plant for aluminium foil or plastic film
  • Blown film extrusion single and multilayer for plastic film plants
  • Sheet line plant
  • Plastic moulded articles
  • Woven sack roll on line flexo printing machine
  • Gum coating on PTFE coat fibre glass cloth
  • PVDC coating on PVC film for pharmaceutical applications
  • Corona treater is used for the inside treatment of container
  • Also used for the label flexo printing

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